When I was in Year 4 or 5, I nearly got locked in the school library over the weekend because I’d gone in there to finish reading The Cay by Theodore Taylor after the Saturday Open Day while my father looked round the science labs of the Senior School. My sister and I always used to (and often still do!) read books at the dinner table and the books on the shelves in my room are piled two rows deep. In a Year six assembly about what we wanted to be when we grew up I was an author; now I’ve come to realise that working behind the scenes to produce books and writing about other peoples’ books is far more my kind of thing. Today I was very proud to have a book review of Barbara Kingsolver’s The Prodigal Summer I wrote printed in my college magazine; it’s given me the nudge I needed to set up this blog and indulge in expressing my opinions on everything related to books that interests me!