One of the blogs I read regularly is Scott Pack’s at  He is Publisher at The Friday Project and used to be a big cheese within Waterstones.  One of his recent posts asked for any of his readers who blog to post a comment with a description of their blog and a link – so obviously, hoping to get more readers, I did.

The person who had commented above me, Rob, was also blogging about trying to get into a career in publishing, so I was interested to see what he had to say and touched to see that he then wrote this post linking back to me!  He has also been doing the Society of Young Publishers thing and getting lots of work experience, although I think overall he is approaching things in a slightly different way to me because he is no longer a student.

But anyway, it is good to feel that I am making my (very small!) mark on the blogging world and to link up with others in a similar position and exchange experiences and tips!

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